Sustainable Explosives

Our suite of Surface and Underground Explosives is meticulously researched to ensure sustainable blasting outcomes in the most challenging conditions.

Surface and Underground Explosives

A leader in the the manufacture of sustainable explosives for the global Underground and Surface Mining Industry.

At AECI Mining Explosives, we understand the pivotal role mining plays in today’s world, and we’re committed to revolutionising the industry with eco-friendly solutions.

Our sustainable explosives not only optimise efficiency but also prioritise environmental responsibility and safety. Join us in redefining the future of mining by embracing innovation, minimising ecological impact, and ensuring a secure and sustainable path forward.

Surface Mining Explosives
surface mining explosives
Hot and Reactive Ground.
S100 Eco Series
Excellent Water Resistance with the added benefit of a recycled oil component within the emulsion formulation.
S300 Series
Designed for applications where reactive ground is prevalent.
Underground Mining Explosives
underground mining explosives
UG 100 Series
Where horizontal charging is prevalent.
UG 101 Series
Used for charging in up-holes and ring blasting (Sticky Emulsion).

UG 200 Series

Formulation is enhanced to withstand harsh high ambient temperatures and still maintain a good shelf life.
UG 300 Series
Specifically designed for reactive geological conditions.
UG 300S Series
Developed for its ability to remain in the up-hole charged blasting column within reactive ground blasting conditions.

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