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We provide customers with the latest, bespoke surfactant and coatings technologies to meet their quality, safety, environmental, performance, cost, and service requirements.

Delivery Systems

We provide versatile delivery options for emulsifiers, coatings and reagents, offering them either in bulk or in precisely packed quantities based on our customers’ specific needs. Additionally, we offer customised solutions that include managing on-site storage and ensuring a consistent and dependable supply of reagents, emulsifiers and coatings while reducing downtime.

Mineral Benefication

We specialise in ore beneficiation through the flotation process, with tailored services that include custom chemical formulations for mineral separation and recovery. Our experts also provide personalised solutions for solid-liquid separation to improve efficiency for our customers’ beneficiation operations.


Our emulsifiers are the best choice for both surface and underground mining applications. We guarantee optimal performance and safety, and our product range includes packaged and co-emulsifiers designed to cater to diverse mining needs. With our solutions, you can count on enhanced operational flexibility to make your mining operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We use a hybrid sourcing approach for a secure and sustainable supply chain. Our products meet global standards and are made through strategic procurement. Contingency plans minimise disruptions, and our facilities are geographically located to reduce lead times and environmental impact. Our manufacturing is responsibly done and recognised for quality tailored to mining industry demands.

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Service Models

We provide various services to the mining industry, including chemical guidance, customised reagents, specialised coatings, dust suppression solutions, and nitrogen management expertise. Our services aim to optimise mining operations, improve efficiency and performance, and promote a safer and environmentally friendly work environment.

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