Initiating Systems & Electronics

Our experience has enabled us to perfect robust electronic initiation systems and electronics technology which provides significant advances in safety and operational efficiencies.

robust electronic initiation systems

Our initiating systems are designed with the end user in mind and are highly adaptable for any specific mining requirement.

The accuracy of electronic initiation is a game changer in the blasting process. Our suite of initiating systems includes electronic, non- electric (shock tube) and electric detonators, as well as a comprehensive series of boosters, detonating cords and starters-all of which fully complement the company’s entire series of explosive solutions.

digshot ranger
The DigiShot® Ranger has been completely redesigned for the open cut, quarry, civils, and construction industry. It has been vastly improved from its DigiShot® 300 predecessor, providing twice the detonator capacity, updated weatherproof enclosure with a built-in antenna for longer range RF up to 3km which makes it more robust for quick and easy deployment.
The IntelliShot® is a mulit-purpose device that is used as a base commander, bench commander and repeater. Application in medium to large surface application.
differential global positioning system

The Differential Global Positioning System (dGPS) is based on the IntelliShot® system. It allows the user to log blast holes and tag detonators using GPS locations to increase tagging accuracy and mitigate potential human error.

cyberdet i
The CyberDet ITM forms part of the wireless detonator system offering, which communicates through the rock strata without the use of any downline (in the hole) or external connecting wires.

The Blast Control Unit (BCU) can be used for centralised or stand alone blasting
in underground mines. It is placed in the cross cut and is able to initiate the blast
from surface via the Surface Blast Controller for Centralised Blasting. The BCU
II has new hardware to facilitate higher blast capacities and supports a wider communication field.

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