Better Blasting Technologies.
AECI Mining Explosives is a leading developer, producer & supplier of commercial explosives.

AECI Mining Explosives is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of explosives, initiating systems and blasting services for mining, quarrying and construction. 


A leading developer, producer & supplier of commercial explosives.

AECI Mining Explosives globally assists the mining industry to achieve optimal blasting processes and outcomes. Our sustainable approach enables efficiencies and best practice through the application of experience and intelligent blasting technology.


Sustainable. Responsible. Reliable.

Customised solutions to address the unique needs of our customers and stakeholders through consultations and support. This is underpinned by new technologies that enables sustainability of our industry and environment in which we operate.

We offer the latest generation of products and services for blasting operations across the spectrum of mining methods and minerals including coal, chrome, gold, iron, platinum and uranium.

A product that substantially reduces customers’ GHG emissions and saves them financial capital is our Emulsion Vertical Drop Sytem (EVDS).


Eco-friendly explosives, for greener blasting.

In just a little more than a decade since the introduction of used oils into its various Eco bulk emulsion formulations, AECI Mining Explosives has consumed more than 80 000 000 liters of used oil. This initiative has prevented approximately 55 000 tons CO2e into the atmosphere, which equates to having to plant roughly 100 million trees. Thank you for partnering with us in our quest to drive more sustainable blasting.

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