Mineral Beneficiation

Unlocking the full potential of ore beneficiation, AECI Mining Chemicals specialises in flotation processes.

flotation processes

Elevate your flotation processes with AECI Mining Chemicals – Where Excellence Meets Innovation.

Tailoring services to unique needs, we pride ourselves on custom reagent formulations for optimal mineral separation and recovery. Our personalised solutions extend to solid-liquid separation, empowering customers with enhanced efficiency in their beneficiation operations.“

XANTHATES (collectors)

A range of solid and liquid metal sulphide collectors.

Discover the exceptional power of optimal flotation performance with AECI Mining Chemicals’ meticulously crafted range of xanthates. Our team of experts are dedicated to carefully selecting only the finest, locally sourced raw materials, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. We take pride in our eco-friendly production process that prioritises sustainability and reliability, and our packaging options are designed to ensure that our products are delivered in the best possible condition. Our diverse range of formulations is designed to meet the unique demands of various ores, ensuring that we can provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. With our commitment to excellence and our focus on delivering exceptional results, you can trust us to be your partner in achieving optimal flotation performance.

SENKOL (collectors)


A range of formulated collectors Comprising of dithiophosphate and dithiocarbamate co-collectors.

Unlock a new horizon in mineral processing with AECI Mining Chemicals’ revolutionary range of Senkol Collectors. Our tailored solutions for the most complex ores ensure optimised grade and recovery, providing exceptional results in diverse mineral processing scenarios. With our flexible packaging solutions and proven track record of highly effective performance, you can be confident that utilising Senkol Collectors will elevate your mineral processing operations to the next level and maximise your potential.

SENFROTH (frothers)

A range of water-soluble and insoluble frothers.

AECI Mining Chemicals offers a range of expertly formulated frothers to meet your specific needs. With varying molecular weights, our frothers are engineered to maximise particle/bubble contact and empower your operations to reach new heights of efficiency. We also provide diverse packaging solutions to suit your workflow. Partner with us to experience a holistic approach to flotation excellence.

SENDEP (depressants)

A range of water-soluble products, such as carboxymethylcellulose and other natural polymers for gangue depression.

AECI Mining Chemicals has adopted a revolutionary approach to gangue management that aims to turn challenges into opportunities. Elevate your Operations with AECI Mining Chemicals – Where Innovation Meets Excellence. We provide advanced solutions to segregate valuable minerals from undesired gangue materials effectively. Our Sendep range of depressants enhances selectivity in mineral beneficiation and is widely embraced by concentrators globally. With our cutting-edge production facilities and customised packaging options, AECI Mining Chemicals is the ideal choice for innovative solutions in gangue management.

SENFLOC (flocculants)

A range of polyacrylamide flocculants and coagulants for improved solids thickening, water recovery, clarity and rheology modification.

We offer Magnafloc® and Senfloc™ polyacrylamides for eco-friendly water conservation and sustainable water treatment solutions.

Water is an increasingly valuable resource in today’s world, and it is essential to conserve and recover it. To achieve this goal, the legislature mandates the use of polyacrylamides in flotation plants to enhance solid-liquid separation in tailing and concentrate thickeners. AECI MINING CHEMICALS is a manufacturer of Magnafloc® and Senfloc™ polyacrylamides produced using a bioprocess that reduces electricity consumption and produces almost zero effluent compared to traditional copper catalysts. This has helped the company to achieve its Going Green objective.

The polyacrylamides produced by AECI MINING CHEMICALS come in various ionic charges and molecular weights, resulting in products with varying performance efficiencies under different solid-liquid separation conditions. The products are packaged its products in 25 kg bags and bulk bags of 700 or 800 kg and delivered in tankers.

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