Better Chemistry. Technology.

We are pioneering innovative beneficiation and emulsifier technologies to advance our customer’s quality, safety, environmental, performance, cost, and service requirements.

Research and Development

Our Sasolburg R&D facility is at the forefront of developing groundbreaking mining chemicals. We are dedicated to research and development, and our participation in the South African Minerals to Metals Research Institute (SAMMRI) program reflects our commitment to creating impactful innovations in mineral processing. This enables us to provide customised solutions for our clients.

Digitally Enabled

Our relentless pursuit of innovation is transforming the mining chemicals industry. We’re revolutionising emulsifiers, coating technologies, reagents, and flotation processes through the power of virtual reality, LIMS, digital twin, machine learning, concentrator optimisation, and plant automation.

Customer Specific Value Chain

We offer a personalised value chain that includes mineralogy analysis services customised to your specific better chemistry needs. Our services allow you to better understand the composition and beneficiation of your ore. We also provide emulsifiers and coatings that improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of your mining and fertiliser processes.

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