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Through offering the latest digital technology we assist customers to continuously improve their blasting processes and outcomes.

Blast Hub

This software system is a receiving and launching platform for both it’s own suite of predictive software and links to enable data mining, interrogation and application of methodology.

This predicts and automates the analysis of data pertaining to improved blast outcomes, to improve stripping rates, waste overburden and to improve recovery of minerals. Predictive Software looks at the mining operation holistically to ensure that the benefits are derived from improved efficiencies in equipment, plant and beneficiation. This is supported by our sophisticated blasting software:

blast hub
blast hub designer icon
A Predictive tool to compare possible blast outcomes in terms of fragmentation (Kuz- Ram), blast damage and muck pile profile (Heave) to find the most appropriate solution for challenging rock conditions.
blast hub tunnel icon

Software to assist with the design and optimisation of tunnel and shaft layouts in mining and civil applications with additional focus on cost evaluation of designs.

blast hub ring icon
Software to assist with the design, basic timing and optimisation of stope ring layouts in massive mining operations with additional focus on cost evaluation of designs.
blast hub tieup icon
Blast timing design for electronic and pyrotechnic initiating systems, analysis of timing sequence, direction of movement, statistical evaluation of time variances and 3D simulation of designed times.
blast hub blastitablet icon
Enables the acquisition of real time information pertaining to blasting parameters, i.e.: condition of blast-hole, type of explosive loaded, quantity of explosives loaded, etc. This information is stored in a cloud data base for future analysis, comparison and fine tuning of blast inputs and results. A strong focus on geological domain information.

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