Smart Delivery Systems

Providing smart delivery systems that enables the customer to utilise new mining methods and blasting techniques to increase productivity and reduce blasting costs.

underground and surface mining delivery systems

We supply original equipment and aftermarket parts to customers worldwide.

We are an international supplier of original equipment and aftermarket parts with services tailored to the needs of the blasting professional in both underground and surface mining. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with world-class manufacturers and our impressive buying power to deliver our customers the best possible lead times on deliverables and pricing.

Mobile Manufacturing Units

Capable of pumping or auguring the full series of our bulk explosive products.

Portable Charging Units

We provide these units for charging in narrow reef mining environments as well as development and shaft sinking for small shaft applications.

Emulsion Vertical Drop System

Developed to optimise mine efficiencies with regards to delivering base emulsion to the underground work areas.
Mobile Charging Units (MCU)

Designed to operate in the demanding environments
encountered during normal mining operations.

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