Delivery Systems

Empower your operations and elevate your efficiency with AECI Mining Chemicals. We offer more than just products; we provide tailored excellence to meet your unique needs.

Tailored excellence to meet your unique needs

Let's redefine efficiency together, reducing downtime and ensuring a consistent, dependable flow of innovation to fuel your success.

Choose versatility with our emulsifiers, coatings, and reagents, available in flexible bulk or precisely packed quantities. Our custom solutions offer true partnership, including on-site storage management for a seamless, uninterrupted supply.

We manufacture customised surfactants and coatings, emulsifiers, and mineral beneficiation and offer flotation process technologies that meet customers’ quality, safety, environmental friendliness, performance, cost, and service requirements.

Bulk Delivery

We offer two delivery options. Our bulk delivery option is for industrial-scale operations, minimising packaging waste while providing cost-effective solutions. Our packaged delivery option is best suited for smaller operations, offering convenience and ease of handling. We have tailored solutions for all operation sizes, improving efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Storage Solutions

We also offer on-site storage solutions for both bulk and packaged products, ensuring that our customers have access to their required products whenever they need them. Our bulk storage options include on-site storage bags, tanks, or silos, while proper storage conditions, such as warehouses or designated storage areas, guide our packaged storage.

On-Site Reagent Management

We provide On-Site Reagent Management services in the mining industry. Our reliable and safe practices ensure on-time reagent deliveries, quality control, dosage management, and inventory management, leading to increased profitability and sustainability for our mining partners.

Safety Standards

At AECI Mining Chemicals, safety is of paramount importance. We adhere to strict safety standards and regulatory requirements for transporting, delivering, and storing our chemicals. We ensure proper labelling documentation and use specialised equipment for handling and storage, ensuring our customers receive their products safely.

Exceptional Customer Support

In addition, we offer exceptional customer support, including training on the safe handling, storage, and use of our products. We aim to ensure that customers are well-informed and can comply with safety regulations, making their operations safer and more efficient.

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